The Standard in Tube Cleaning

About Condenser and Heat Exchanger Services

Condenser and Heat Exchanger Services, Inc. has been serving the power industry since 1979. We realize the importance of condenser cleanliness. We offer dependable and quality workmanship at a competitive price. Due to the superiority of our cleaning technique, our quality assurance procedure and our highly motivated cleaning crews, we guarantee that all tubes will be cleaned, cleared and free flowing.

Our high level of quality assurance coupled with competitive pricing has resulted in tremendous savings for our customers. Names and numbers of plant personnel will be furnished upon request to help you in your evaluation of our company.

The cleaning procedure can be completed quickly and safely. All Condenser & Heat Exchanger Services personnel are safety oriented and Confined Space Trained. We will respond to any emergency request for condenser cleaning within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. All services will be completed on schedule and with minimal support from plant personnel.

Process Control Procedure

The cleaning device is inserted into one end of a tube and propelled through the entire length of the tube with an air/water system, a mechanical system or with a water pressure system. All cleaning devices are oversized for maximum cleaning.

  • Clean inlet and outlet tubesheet. Remove all macrofouling from inlet tubesheet.
  • Supply all cleaning devices to complete the cleaning.
  • Supply and setup catch nets, in the exhaust end, to prolong the cleaning devices useful life and to prevent damage to the outlet waterbox.
  • Supply all cleaning guns, hoses, manifolds and all other necessary tooling to complete the cleaning.
  • Provide technical supervision and skilled labor.
  • Condenser & Heat Exchanger Services guarantees that all tubes will be cleaned and free from internal blockage or properly marked for plugging.
  • Light and air inspect all tubes upon completion of the cleaning to assure free flow through all tubes.
  • Rod out any blockage that may be obstructing tube flow with a flexible fiberglass rod.
  • Mark and/or plug those tubes which cannot be cleared of debris to prevent eddy current leakers in the future.
  • Inspect all condenser tube end plugs, replug any missing or mismatched inlet and outlet plugs.
  • Remove all debris from outlet waterbox following the cleaning.
  • Account for all cleaning devices.

Sign off sheet will document the general condition of the condenser:

  • a) Condition of coating.
  • b) Number of missing or mismatched plugs.
  • c) Condition of tubesheet, waterboxes and tubes.
  • d) Percentage of plugged tubes.
  • e) Cleanliness of tubes, waterboxes and tunnels.